Can you imagine building your very own solar powerplant? The one that would power your home? This is just what we challenge SunnyDay participants to do!

We challenge energy hackers, solar geeks, experts in thermal physic and engineers (and everybody else, actually), to build a CSP solar powerplant that produces 3-5 kWt of electric output.

The team or individual who will design the best solar powerplant will get the prize of $2500. But we go beyond that – we will actually build one and make all the designs completely open source! Check out the details here.

Latest News

  • SunnyDay challenges energy hackers to build open source solar powerplant

    SunnyDay Challenge, an international competition aimed at building best home-grade CSP solar powerplant just started in Ukraine. A team of hackers which manages to design and assemble the best CSP solar powerplant of minimum 3 kW(e) electric output will get the $2500 prize.

    Countdown On June 27th a team of organizers have opened the project submission form for SunnyDay Challenge 2016. And this means, that a competition between teams designing best CSP powerplant for a household have started!

    The projects can be submitted up to July 20th. After that SunnyDay Jury will shortlist 5 best projects. It is namely authors of these projects who will be able to compete for the challenge’s prize by presenting them at final presentation. A detailed information on rules and conditions of SunnyDay Challenge can be found here.

    Theory and practice In order to get the prize, the team needs not only to design best technical solution and prove to Jury it is the best one. They will also need to assemble the actual powerplant. To that end the organizers of SunnyDay Challenge provide the winning team with $3500 budget. Moreover SunnyDay team and Jury will help a winning  team to implement their design into a  working proof-of-concept solar powerplant.

    Open-source energy SunnyDay team believes that open-source technologies stimulate innovations. Such open projects as Linux, Arduino, RepRap (and dozens of others) have proved that more than conclusively. If anyone can experiment and tinker with designs made by our solar hackers, renewable energy sources will have a chance to be adopted quicker. That is why all the blueprints, manufacturing and assembly instructions will be published under open-source license at

    Who can participate? Anyone. Energy hackers of any background, engineers, enthusiasts of renewable energy are welcome. At the same time participants need to have strong team with strong knowledge and applicable skills. A team, which can not only design but actually implement the design in a working proof-of-concept powerplant. And before assembling the team needs to persuade a highly qualified Jury they are capable of doing that.

    Join in! The task is challenging and tremendously fun, So, if you want to participate in the most captivating international energy challenge? Join the fun of tech creativity at SunnyDay challenge? get your team together, read the Rules and submit your project! It’s going to be fun, challenging and sunny!